What do the police think about carding?

Usually, a full investigation begins only if the carder stole a significant amount of funds-more than $ 1000. Usually, after this, the FRB sends a request to the police. And the request contains IP addresses, names, sending addresses, and other information about a potential criminal.
To do this, carders use drops. These are people who are at the lowest level in the chain and do the dirty work: cash out money, provide their data for receiving parcels, send parcels to carders, etc.
Carders give drops a minimum of information and practically do not contact them. So even if the drop is tracked down, he will have an alibi at the time of hacking the Bank account or withdrawing money from the card. And he can’t tell you anything about carder. As a result, the crime will remain unsolved.

Why do carders avoid punishment?

Practice shows that if a carder works through a VPN, proxy, and other services, and also complies with Internet security rules, it is almost impossible to prove his guilt. But everyone is wrong.
However, even if the police descend on carder’s home, employees will still have to prove that a computer crime was committed. If there are no traces, then there is no trial.
They are most often caught on correspondence in messengers, the presence of data from other people’s cards and accounts, malicious software builds, etc. But if you use portable software, anonymization tools, self-destructing messages, and crypto secured messengers, it will be difficult to prove something.
Money transfers are not sufficient evidence in themselves. Witness statements, too. If the carder can pretend to be a drop or intermediary, he will quickly be re-qualified from the accused to witness.

What should I do now?

Some people think that carding is easy money and impunity. However, stores and payment systems are increasingly opposed to them. Moreover, no one canceled criminal punishment.
Think before clicking on links. Set limits on online payments, and don’t forget about antivirus software on your Android smartphone and Windows computer.
You can also use one card for everyday purchases, and the second for storing larger amounts of money, and if necessary, transfer money from the second to the first. If you have any suspicions about an illegal debit, call your bank to block the card and start an investigation.

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