How to Deal with Id Theft by a Friend or Relative

Interestingly, an anonymous person or an unidentified hacker doesn’t generally perpetrate id theft. Oftentimes, when your id is hacked, a mate or a relative steals it. Indeed, as it was reported in 2014, roughly 550,000 victims of id fraud it was linked to somebody they knew.
Having your id stolen is complicated. Your trust may be broken. It makes you feel betrayed and violated. It may seem impossible to trust anybody again.

However, when that stranger appears to be your close person, it gets more problematic. It may appear too hard to turn that individual in or to file a police report due to the consequences it may have for that particular person or people. Relatives or blood relations may also cause you big stress. It can be even more delicate when your partner steals your id.
If you are in this situation now, here is how to cope with it.
What Is Id Fraid?
Id theft occurs when somebody uses your name and other details for their economic benefit. The examples may be different: to get a loan, to purchase something, or to request a card. Fathers and mothers either may not consider that relating their child’s data for getting money is incorrect, but it is also a type of stolen identity. Specific instances are as follows:
• A partner uses your identity to open an account and use funds without notifying you
• A family member wants to qualify for a loan and uses your identity and private data
• A parent signs up for services via a child’s name and credentials
• A sister uses a relative’s name and credentials to qualify for a lease
Typically, you will not know something is wrong until you notice they’ve gone illicit on the balance or if you have too much unpaid debt that is new to you. Irrespective of whether it’s mate or relative, identity theft is a crime that must be corrected.
How to React If My Id Is Stolen?
As the law requires it, contact the company and creditor to clarify that you are not accountable for the charges. You need to file a police report as well. It is a single way for you to correct your credit balance. You should also send a fraud alert to credit-related agencies and notify the crime to the FTC.
What If Relatives Stop me from Filing Report to Police?
If you are being put under pressure from relatives of friends side, about filing a police statement, keep in mind what the consequences will be if you fail to report the crime.
As you see, your credit history is at risk, and you are the one accountable for reimbursing the finances except if you take the required steps to start disputing the payments. If the relative gets away with the fraud, you could additionally put other relatives in danger. Are you sure they will not again steal somebody else’s identity?
What Else Can be Done to Secure Myself?
You may have to modify your balance number, in addition to closing all of the existing accounts. It’s a good idea to arrange alerts on your files. This will definitely help to avoid potential identity fraud.
Moreover, you are at a bigger risk of scam if your credit cards are lost. Therefore, you should cautiously observe these, too. Track your credit statement by requesting a copy every four months. This service is free. Many credit companies and banks currently provide free credit balance tracking.
How Can I Deal With My Relatives?
Stolen identity is not your mistake. It may be difficult for you to cope with the remaining feelings of betrayal concerning this lawbreaker. Consult with the specialist on how to connect with them, what limitations you need to arrange, and whether it’s even probable to sustain a relationship.
In the intervening time, be more careful about how you share private data with family members and next time keep your personal details secretive.

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